Healthy Water Drinking Habits in every day.

On your life must Healthy Water Drinking Habits. White water is not only useful to prevent dehydration of the body, but it also has other benefits. Other types of drinks, such as soft drinks,  are high in sugar and calories that can increase your weight.

The Importance of Water.
White water that is free of calories and sugar is the healthiest choice for the sake, keep your body has enough fluids, and overcome thirst anytime.the benefits of drinking water have a variety of functions in the body, among other things:

  • Maintain body fluid levels, so that the body does not experience a disruption in food digestion and absorption function, circulation, kidney, and is important in maintaining normal body temperatures.
  • Helps provide energy to the muscles and lubricate the joints to keep them supple. Fluid imbalance can lead to fatigue in the muscles.
  • Helps provide energy to the muscles and lubricate the joints to keep them supple. Fluid imbalance can trigger muscle fatigue.
  • Helps control the body's calorie intake. Drinking water is much better in preventing weight gain than high-calorie containing beverages.
  • Keeping your skin.
    Protects the spinal cord and other sensitive tissues in the body.
Water will help the process of disposing of the remains of food and drinks through sweat, urine and feces. The Right Time to Drink Water. This One way to be healthy is to drink water at the right time, in the right amount, and consistently.

Everyone must know that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or the equivalent of 1.5 liters, although not a lot of scientific evidence to support such a rule. Regardless of the amount of water that must be taken, in essence, is that we should be able to meet the needs of body fluids; because of the absence of adequate water consumption, then we will become dehydrated or lack of water that can damage the health of our bodies. The drinking water at the right time is also to be done in order to maximize its effectiveness in the body.

Here are seven good time to drink water.
1.  Drinking one or two cups in the morning after waking up.
When we wake up, our body experiences dehydration. Any amount of water consumption in the previous day, we have to 'recharge' our body fluids. Drink one or two glasses of water in the morning after waking up can also burn your metabolism and get rid of toxins in the body.

2. Drink one glass before bathing.
The warmth of water consumed, combined with the warmth of the water in the bath can dilate blood vessels, causing blood pressure to drop. White water we drink before bathing can also dilute the sodium level of the body so that it can lower blood pressure in the body.

3 .Drink one glass half an hour before meals.
Thirty minutes before the meal is the perfect time to drink water because it can aid digestion better. Meanwhile, drink water during or just before or after a meal can weaken the digestive juices and make it less effective.Too much water intake can actually damage can interfere with digestion as natural levels of acid and bile needed to digest food in the stomach.

4. Drink one glass when feeling tired.
More than 70 percent of every function in the body depends on water, including the brain and nervous system activity. Water can help the brain work better.Lack of water in the brain not only can cause fatigue, but also can cause brain fog, loss of focus, memory, and headache, sleep problems, anger, depression, and more.

5. Drink more before and after exercise.
Water can prevent fatigue. Drinking plenty of water before and after exercise can also increase muscle strength.

6. Drink one cup before sleep.
Drinking a glass of water before sleep can help the body replenish lost fluids as a result of activities throughout the day and can get rid of unwanted toxins in the body.drinking a glass of water before bed will also make our sleep feel more soundly.

7. Drink more when sick.
 Drink lots of water when sick will help improve the immune system more quickly.

The fluid needs of each person are different. On average, for adult women, it is advisable to drink about eight glasses of 200 ml per day or a total of 1.6 liters. Meanwhile, men are advised to drink about 10 glasses a 200 ml or a total of 2 liters per day.

Aside from the beverage, food can also provide the body's fluid intake at about 20 percent.Fluid from food is mainly obtained from fruits and vegetables, such as spinach and watermelon contains 90 percent water.
To note, people can lose fluids not only during urination, but also when sweating, breathing and defecating.

Some of the signs that can help your body recognize that the lack of fluid, such as headache, feeling less energetic, and the color of urine is dark or not as much as usual.

It should be noted some special conditions and activities that make the body so require more water intake than usual, among others:

- Exercising or being physically active.
- Experience fever, diarrhea, or vomiting.
- The weather was very hot.
- Pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant women are advised to consume about 2.3 liters of water a day, while women who breast-feed consume 3.1 liters of water per day.

If you have been unaware of the benefits of drinking water, there are some tips that can be done. Try to get drinking water with every meal or snack time consuming. Additionally, you can put a glass or bottle containing water on the table or bag you carry every day activity. Thus, you will be reminded to eat.

Alternatively, you can add a flavor to the water in order to feel better. One of them is by adding sliced ​​fruit infused drinks such as water or by providing fresh fruit juice without additional sweeteners.Adequacy of fluid is essential for the body. One of the best sources is derived from the white water with a variety of benefits.Drink water as needed so that the health condition of the body remains maximum. Please take, Healthy Water Drinking Habits in every day.

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